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Impressive New Facility


More presses, more space, and our new headquarters help us serve you better.

Architects and engineers collaborated with our craftsmen to design the most technologically advanced, highly efficient manufacturing facility available. We have over 100,000-square feet in the 240-acre Clinton Commerce Park.

Impressive New Press

It's been over 20 years since an area printer has installed a full web press. It's a sign of our growth and an opportunity for print buyers to save, as well as an opportunity to for print buyers to expand their choices. Our new, full-sized ROTOMAN web printing press is the most fully-automated, highest speed 16-page press in the world, with run speeds up to 65,000 sheets per hour and 18 inline fold configurations, plus sheeter. The press is famous for printing publications including National Geographic magazine.

The new press and building has propelled us into new markets and capabilities. If you're involved in publications such as magazines, multi-page catalogs, higher education materials, or sales literature, contact us to quote on your next print job. The efficiency of our new press will save you both time and money.

Our investment in the new press and building solidifies our position as the top tri-state printer. We're also the oldest printer in the region - over 100 years old. Our company Chairman, Bill Knepper, is a fifth-generation member of the founding family.

We welcome print buyers to a tour of our facility. Contact us today for more information.

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