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Fulfillment Services

Our new warehouse, state-of-the-art order processing system, and automated fulfillment practices insure quick service and cost efficiencies for you. Our fulfillment services allow customers to print and mail from a single vendor. Direct mail fulfillment is easier logistically when customers use Knepper Press to both print and mail their materials. We are currently managing over 3,500 products in our conveniently-located facility next to Pittsburgh Airport.

Reporting and Tracking
We use the proven Promail system which gives you:

  • Ability to track all transactions - orders, inventory balances, shipments and receipts, etc.
  • Customized shopping carts with your branding, if desired.
  • Multiple login levels that allow your users to login with different levels of access.
  • 24/7 web-based access to ordering, tracking, report access, etc. You can also have your own custom website.

Shipping and Inventory

  • We provide quick shipping turnaround time by using tools that automate the production workflow, and automatic shipping systems integrations.
  • Detailed shipping information, including package tracking features, automatic confirmation emails, and freight costs.
  • Organization of inventory - categorizing items for ordering or reporting purposes
  • Report customization specific to your needs
  • Complete accountability for all transactions by using date, time and user stamps.
  • Re-order point – Automatic email notification
  • Same day service. Orders placed by 2 PM will be shipped UPS that day.
  • Get a quote today for our printing, fulfillment and mailing services and learn more about how you can reduce costs.

Your product is safe, our fulfillment center has:

  • Fully sprinklered and alarm protected
  • Monitored Security Cameras
  • Locked Security Area