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InSite System, FTP Link and FAQs

The latest in web-driven proofing and print management

Our Kodak InSite™ Prepress Portal system is a Web portal to the prepress environment that gives you access to your print jobs via the Internet. InSite helps to manage the proofing, correction, and approval process so that it is more efficient.
Guest FTP
Many of our clients choose to use printer FTPs to allow Knepper Press quick and easy access to their files. Accessing an FTP to a printer can bring up many questions. Below, we seek to answer the most common questions we receive to make FTP file printing easier on our customers.
The address of our guest FTP site is: ftp2.knepperpress.com If you wish to use the guest FTP account, use ftpuser as Login and ftpuser as your Password.Please note that for security reasons, the guest account is what is known as a "drop-box" - you cannot list the contents, only drop files into it. You may get an error when your FTP client software first connects, as the first thing that happens is listing the contents of the account you've connected to. If you need your own FTP account, which we recommend, please contact us and we'll be happy to set one up for you so you can utilize FTP file printing.   We'll set up a password-protected FTP site just for you Contact us by phone.  
Forgot Password? If you have forgotten your Login or Password, please contact us by phone. What is FTP?FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is one of the simplest ways to exchange files over the Internet. Whether you know it or not, you most likely use FTP all the time.
The most common use for FTP is to download files from the Internet. Many of our clients utilize FTP file printing because it’s easy for them to upload files to us and very secure. The ability to transfer files back-and-forth makes FTP essential for anyone creating a Web page, amateurs and professionals alike.
When downloading a file from the Internet you're actually transferring the file to your computer from another computer over the Internet You may not know where the computer is that the file is coming from but you most likely know it's URL or Internet address.  As a printer, having FTP access is essential to providing timely results for our clients. 
What FTP program does Knepper Press recommend? For Macintosh computers, we recommend CyberDuck. For Windows computers, we recommend FileZilla. Although we recommend these two software packages, we are fully compatible with all FTP software and will accept connections with any software that complies to the FTP standard. Visit our Software Downloads page for instructions on where to get these clients as well as other useful software.   Although FTP client software is not required to upload files, it makes the task easier than using Internet Explorer. The instructions for using Internet Explorer to upload your file(s) is as follows:
  • Type the address of our ftp server into the address bar: ftp2.knepperpress.com
  • You will see an error message titled “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” – this is because you are not trying to view a webpage, you are trying to view an FTP site.
  • From Internet Explorer’s View menu, choose Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer. – note that this is using Windows Explorer and not Internet Explorer.
  • At this point a window will open, and an error titled “FTP Folder Error”, telling you that guest login is disabled. This is normal – you have not yet given the server your information.
  • Answer OK to this error, and it will go away.
  • Now you will have the Windows Explorer window open – from the File menu, choose Login as…, and enter your username and password in the fields provided for them.
  • You will then have a window open, which you can drag your files in to, and they will transfer to our server. If you have logged in using the ftpuser account, you will not see any files listed there, as this is a drop box account only. You will only see a file that’s called WARNING: Permission Denied. This is normal.
Should I compress my files before uploading? Yes. We highly recommend compressing files before any FTP transfer. Compression not only reduces the total size, thus allowing for quicker transfer, but also provides a virtual wrapper around your files which protects them from possible corruption.   For a list of recommended compression programs, visit our Software Downloads page.  Where can I upload my job? The address of our guest FTP site is:ftp2.knepperpress.com