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Prepress Equipment

Our prepress equipment is diversified so that we meet the needs of multiple clients and prospects. We help our clients become more successful in each stage of the prepress process including workflow, platesetting, scanning and proofing. For those clients and prospects in need of our prepress services, we accept PDF files, QuarkXpress, Agfa ApogeeX and many more documents that are compatible with our prepress equipment. Please see our list of technical prepress printing services below and contact us for any additional questions or needs:

PDF Files:
We support print-ready PDF files, all Adobe Creative Suite applications as well as QuarkXpress. Here is our Adobe Job Options zip file for creating a pdf.

Agfa ApogeeX PDF Workflow

DS Screen Plate Rite 8600 [ 44.5" x 32" ] — Automatic plate setter with inline transport and processor. Kodak Magnus 800 [ 44.5" x 32" ] — Automatic plate setter with inline transport and processor.

DS Screen Cezanne 5300 Optical dpi Scanner

Epson Stylus Pro 9800 (2) Agfa Grand Sherpamatic 2-sided Imposition Proofer (2) HP DesignJet 5500ps Wide Format