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Printing News and Articles

In this section of our website you'll find articles and news from the printing industry. Check back often as we will update this section regularly. The experts here at Knepper Press will give you tips to help you work with large printing companies.
Printing, Mailing, Fulfillment -
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Finding a printing company that is a single source provider of printing, fulfillment and mailing can eliminate the logistic problems associated with using multiple vendors for print, mailing and fulfillment. If you’re like most companies, you’ve got a separate vendor for each of those services. Combining them into a single company will save both time and money. It consolidates the people you have to interface with, which will save time, and usually printing companies such as Knepper Press will be able to provide a lower quote because they have all three services...

Magazine Printing Services
10 Things to Consider for Your Project

Magazine printing is not a small project. For the purchaser, you’ve got to consider everything from the type of paper to print on, to the glue that holds the pages together. Carefully choosing each aspect of the printing process is essential in having a successful magazine. Each aspect is a big decision. Below, we’ve identified the top considerations you should think about before moving forward with your magazine printing project...

How to Select a Commercial Printer
Printed communications not only complement web advertising and social networking but provide many unique marketing advantages. Printing connects with the reader on an emotional level. It is not only seen, but felt, can be carried for later viewing and is very cost effective. When selecting a printing firm one should look beyond the basic triad of quality, price and performance. Communicators who employ multiple kinds of media can do their jobs more effectively by partnering with a printing firm that offers multiple solutions for those parts of their message best carried by print media.

Price - Value.

What solutions should I consider?...

Why Choose Digital Printing?
Six reasons
The unique capabilities and improved quality level of digital printing have made this process an important tool for direct mail marketers. While offset lithography remains the predominate process for high volume commercial printing, digital printing technology offers some distinct advantages. Understanding these advantages is important for advertisers looking to maximize the return from their printing dollars.

Savvy direct marketers know that a printed piece that is personalized for each recipient is more effective in getting the prospect’s attention. When you
want to have each brochure or letter begin with an individual’s name (“Dear Mr. Jones...”) and within the copy mention more personal information (“your 2010 Buick’s collision insurance...”) digital printing is the only practical choice. It allows easy inclusion of such variable data within the headlines and/or text of each printed piece...

“Green” Printing Check List
How can you be sure that the printing supplier you work with is truly dedicated to good stewardship of the Earth? Some printing companies are really dedicated to “green” business practices while others may be simply using “green” terminology.

Working with a “green” printing supplier can be a smart business move in addition to making our Earth safer for you and your children. The display of the logos of leading environmental organizations on your printed communications can resonate powerfully with your clients. These symbols communicate ethical character to today’s buyers, who will tend to favor companies whose concerns match their ideals...