Catalog Printing

Knepper Press is an important source for catalog publishers large and small. Despite the increasing importance of Internet marketing the printed catalog continues to be one of the most efficient weapons in the marketer’s arsenal. Savvy consumer products merchants continue to produce beautifully illustrated catalogs in addition to their continuing Internet presence.

Advertisers, with products ranging from auto parts and heavy machinery to jewelry and cosmetics and clothing find that printed presentation of their products is superior to what is possible on the Internet or on television. Their customers, even those who may use the Internet for their actual purchases, often refer to the printed catalog where products can be better illustrated, where colors are truer and where descriptive text is easier to read.

Offset printing is preferred for most catalogs. Sheet fed offset production is economical for press runs from several hundred up to 10,000 or more. Excellent reproduction of product photography can be obtained and unit costs are much lower than with digital printing. In addition, unit prices decrease substantially as press runs increase.

If press runs are over 10,000 web fed (roll-fed) offset can reduce your unit costs even more. Web fed presses print at much greater speeds than sheet fed presses and ours can fold in-line. Heat set web presses are capable of excellent reproduction using a wide range of coated papers including lighter weights than can be produced by sheet fed or digital printing processes.< Lighter weight papers cost less and reduce mailing weight for even greater savings.

For very short runs of up to a few hundred copies, digital production can be the best choice. Very short press runs make sense when the products being marketed have frequent specification or styling changes. When this is the case the advertiser doesn’t need to keep an inventory of catalogs of obsolete products. Short press runs with updated specifications and illustrations are much more sensible.

The Knepper Press Advantage

Knepper Press has a full range of production options for you. Heat set web printing for longer run catalogs, sheet fed presses for short run catalogs and a remarkable roll to sheet press system for medium runs. Short runs can be produced digitally. State of the art bindery, mailing and fulfillment services complete the picture of excellent catalog production under one roof.

How do I know where to begin?

You should contact Knepper Press using our request a quote form or call our office at 724-899-4200. We are happy to help you with recommendations and free estimates as you plan your catalog printing project.