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Scratch Off Printing

Professional printing produces many effective advertising materials for businesses, but one that many companies overlook is reveal printing, such as scratch cards. These dynamic advertising campaigns can generate incredible excitement within your community for new products, prizes or customer rewards campaigns. They are great motivators for employee incentive programs and can effectively drive customers to websites, increasing company revenue and promoting brand name recognition that can have a positive effect on sales for years. A printing scratch off ticket plays upon people’s love of surprise and the unknown to enhance any promotion or advertising campaign.

Promotional Benefits

Companies who choose a scratch off printer for reveal printing create a message that consumers find hard to ignore. Printing scratch off advertising materials can give your company the edge to rise above the competition. Consider the following benefits.

  • Attract Attention. Whether you wish to promote a new product, promote a service or bring new customers to your physical location or online website, a scratch off printer can help you develop an exciting promotion guaranteed to get great results.
  • Gather Names. An effective campaign will help you develop sales leads that can have long-term implications for your business.
  • Reward Customer or Employees. Providing special incentives for repeat business can reward customer loyalty. Employee safety or sales goals may also be recognized with reveal printing rewards.
  • Engage Customer Participation. Customers are enticed by scratch-off materials and will participate in many kinds of promotions to enjoy the benefits of cards or tickets.
  • Educate Consumers. You can utilize these promotional materials to educate the public about products and services your company offers, or provide general information that will lead educated consumers to your door.

Organizations that Benefit

Any company can benefit from the clever use of these interactive materials. They are the perfect solution for the following situations.

1.Companies who wish to attract or reward customers.
2. Employee incentives for improved performance.
3. Fundraising efforts for schools, colleges, clubs and charitable organizations.

Create a “Wow” Factor”

Scratch off printer materials get phenomenal results. Rate of return averages between 5-20 percent, and often runs as high as 30-50 percent. Redemption of prizes is high; nobody discards a winning ticket. It has been proven that consumers react more positively with scratch and win prizes. These great campaigns increase foot traffic, website visits, impulse purchases and brand recognition. Additional company benefits include the following.

  • Recognize employees for meeting sales quotas, safety goals or job performance improvement.
  • Increase traffic for special events, trade shows or websites.
  • Introduce information to the public in an exciting manner.
  • Gather information for client lists.
  • Increase ROI of mailing campaigns
  • Provide great fundraising opportunities.

Printing Scratch Off Products

Our professional printing creates the highest quality advertising materials for customers. These include Scratch Offs, Pull Tabs, Red Reveal, Black Light Cards, Hidden Message, Micro Print and Secure Insured Prize Games.

  • We will work with your advertising agency to help you every step of the way. This includes expert assistance in selecting an incentive program for your type of business or organization. We can help design the most professional material that is sure to impress customers and generate excitement.
  • We will happily advise you about the legal requirements of prize scratch off tickets. For example, legally you cannot require a purchase for a scratch and win ticket. This situation would be interpreted as an illegal lottery. But there are many methods to encourage purchases, but customers must have the option of obtaining a free card. In addition to lottery laws, many states may have other regulations that must be followed.
  • We provide expert design assistance or can incorporate your professional artwork into seamless scratch off printer material. Custom work is no problem and can greatly enhance the success of any promotion. We understand the importance of brand and logo recognition and will develop high quality materials that reflect well on your company.

Introduce an exhilarating advertising campaign for your company by ordering reveal printing products to promote a special event, reward customer loyalty, create product enthusiasm or recognize significant employee achievements. We are a full-service printer with professional expertise in this effective marketing niche and can help you develop an extraordinary campaign from inception to completion. We have produced outstanding materials for many major clients and can guarantee our scratch off products will receive the highest levels of attention and produce spectacular results. From Auto to Zoo and everyone in between we are your one stop shop for promotional / motivational print solutions.