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“Soft Touch” aqueous adds richness to your message

Want to raise your printed message from “ho hum” to sensuous?
“Soft Touch” aqueous coating will add a sumptuous feel to your printed piece. When the reader holds a “Soft Touch” coated brochure she/he senses that the product described in it is far above the ordinary.

Knepper Press recommends this unusual coating, which in addition to its unique tactile properties and economical application, is an environmentally friendly coating with zero VOC content. Aqueous coated paper can be recycled easily while UV or plastic coated papers cannot.

Knepper Press applies “Soft Touch” coating in-line along with the printed image. No off-line treatment is required. While “Soft Touch’ costs slightly more than conventional aqueous coatings, it is much more cost effective than alternative off-line matte film laminating or matte UV coating.

“Soft Touch” is non-yellowing. It dries quickly and therefore allows fast press speeds and turn around times. Like all other matte coatings “Soft Touch” tends to flatten the image slightly. We recommend a good quality gloss paper as the substrate for the best results. With it we achieve maximum ink holdout and superior contrast.

“Soft Touch” is a registered trade mark of its manufacturer, Rycoline Products, LLC.