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Software Downloads

The following programs are merely our recommendations. We do not offer support for any software listed on this page.

Compression and Decompression:
Compressing your files before electronic transfer offers significant advantages in transfer speed and data integrity. By decreasing the overall size, your files require less bandwidth and a transferred much more quickly than uncompressed file. Compression also creates a virtual "wrapper" which encases your files and protects them from data corruption.

Macintosh: Stuffit

Windows: Winzip

File Transfer
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most popular and secure way of transferring large files over the internet. With the use of FTP client software, it can be as easy as drag and drop. For more information, visit our FTP information page.

Macintosh: Cyberduck

Windows: Filezilla

Page Layout
Although there is a vast variety of layout software available, we at Knepper Press have found the following to be the most consistent and reliable. File submission from these programs may greatly reduce turnaround time as well as reduce the number of potential problems that may occur with your job.

Adobe InDesign


Image and Graphic Editing
There are many software packages to prepare your images and graphics for print. We at Knepper Press have found the following to be the most effective: 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop