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Electronic Prepress

  • Kodak Logo Prinergy Connect Workflow
    • The most technologically advanced file preparation and processing workflow available in the graphic arts industry.
  • Kodak Logo Insite Remote Proofing
    • InSite allows for collaborative proofing by the customer from multiple locations, by multiple people, all simultaneously. This reduces proof OK accuracy and allows for faster and more efficient proof OK’s. It also automatically tracks all file corrections made by our customers as well as internally.
  • Kodak Logo Matchprint Virtual Remote Contrast Proofing
    • Allows customers to proof color accurate files from their own facility on color calibrated monitors. Once again improving accuracy and facilitating faster turnaround times for file and proof OK’s. It can also dramatically reduce the need and cost of hard contract proofs.
  • Kodak Logo Colorflow Color Management
    • ColorFlow allows for consistent and accurate management of ICC profiling of proofing devices, plate-setters, and printing presses to assure compliance to G7 color standards.
  • 2 – Kodak Logo Magnus 800 Quantum Thermal Platesetters
    • Fully automated, high speed plate-setting, multiple screen capabilities including true stochastic.
  • 4 – Epson Logo Stylus Pro 9900’s
  • 1 – Canon Logo ImpoProof 8300S
  • Proofing Solutions
    • Our proofing solutions are second to none, and customizable per individual client requirements. They include, 4 Epson Stylus Pro 9900’s with built in spectrophotometer self-calibration color controls for consistent and accurate color contract proofs, an ImpoProof 8300S, and 2 SpinJet 6100’s for high speed two sided imposition proofing.
  • File Submission Options
      • Kodak Logo InSite –
      • FTP Site –
      • Username and passwords required for both of the above solutions
      • CD/DVD optical media
      • Print-ready PDF files

    Support all the latest MAC and Windows based graphic arts software

  • Software/Hardware Training and Technical Support
    • We provide technical support to all customers for any software or hardware applications.
    • Provide technical assistance in establishing InSite or Matchprint Virtual Proofing at your facility.
    • Color calibration / proof calibration on-site support.
    • We offer all customers training assistance to assure more accurate and timely file preparation at Knepper Press or at your facility.

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  • Manroland Logo Rotoman
    • 5-Color, 16 page Heat-set Web 65,000 impressions per hour. Maximum roll width 38”, 22.75” cutoff. Up to 5 colors with 18 in-line fold configurations plus sheeting. System Brunner InFlight closed loop color control.
  • Manroland Logo 710
    • 10 Color, 40” Long Perfecting Sheet-fed 15,000 impressions per hour. 5 over 5 color single pass perfecting. Roll to sheet converting at cutoffs from 17.5” to 29.25”. Closed loop color control.
  • Manroland Logo 708
    • 8 Color, 40” Direct Drive Long Perfecting Sheet-fed w/Aqueous Coating 16,000 impressions per hour. 4 over 4 color single pass perfecting. 1 button, 6 minute 4 over 4 make-readies. System Brunner OK Balance closed loop color control.
  • Manroland Logo 706
    • 6 Color, 40” Sheet-fed w/ Aqueous Coating 13,000 impressions per hour. System Brunner OK Balance closed loop color control.
  • Didde Logo 8 color UV Half-size Web
    • 20,000 impressions per hour. 4 over 4 roll to sheet printing, up to 20”x23”. In-line pattern perforating and die-cutting.
  • heidelberg_logo_detail GTO
    • 5 Color, Perfecting Sheet-fed, 8,000 Impressions per hour.
  • heidelberg_logo_detail PrintMaster, 2 color
  • In-House Ink Lab w/ heidelberg_logo_detail Automated, Fully Computerized Ink Dispensing System
  • heidelberg_logo_detail MXP2 Ink Draw Down Proofer
  • heidelberg_logo_detail Accu Mix-Shaker Mixer

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In-House Ink Lab

  • Custom Match Inks
    • GFI Automated, Fully Computerized Ink Dispensing System
    • GFI MXP2 Automatic Ink Draw Down Proofer

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Digital Color and B/W Pressroom

  • Kodak Logo  NexPress Logo 3000 Digital Color Press
    • 14” x 20.5”, 2 sided, 5 over 5 printing. Full color variable printing. Special effects include dimensional, raised print, spot or flood UV gloss, Red Fluorescent security print and MICR options.
  • Kodak Logo  Glossing Unit for spot and flood UV effects
  • 2 – Konica Logo  1100 Full-Color Presses
  • 1 – Konica Logo  B&W Duplex 2250 Press
  • 2 – Konica Logo  B&W 1250’s Presses with in-line stitching and trimming
  • XMPie PersonalEffect Print MI
    • XMPie Logo XMPie is an integrated server-based solution that allows production of high volume, effective one-to-one cross-media campaigns. The four integrated applications include uPlan, uCreate, uProduce, and uStore. uStore is a server-based solution that allows you to quickly build e-commerce-enabled storefronts for ordering personalized documents.

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  • Cutting
    • 2 – 53” Polar Auto-Trim Cutting Systems, with Auto Stacking
    • 3 – Polar 45” Semi-Automatic, Programmable Cutters
  • Folding
    • 7 – MBO and Stahl Continuous-feed Folders
    • Moll Hi-Speed Pocket Folder/Gluer
  • Perfect Binding

    • Kolbus RatioBinder, 13,000/hr, fully automated, high speed perfect binding line, 16 pockets w/ cover feeder. Continuous stream log stream feeders.
    • 2- Horizon 270 Perfecting Binders w/ 3 knife trim
  • Saddle Stitching

    • 3 – Osaka Stitchers, 4, 6, 10 pockets w/cover feeders
    • In-line Domino inkjet heads for mailing
    • 4th and 5th knife for 2 up products, in-line punching
  • Die-cutting

    • Sanwa Diecutter, 29” x 41” w/ Stripping
  • UV Coating
    • Graphic Wizard Vivid UV Coater, UV flood coating, up to 20” 26”.
  • Specialty Digital Binding
    • 2- Duplo 5000 20 pocket Booklet/Collating System
    • 2 – GBC Plasticoil/Digicoil Spiral Binding System
    • Tape -back Booklet Binding
  • Specialty Finishing
    • LanTech Fully Automated High Speed Shrink Wrapping
    • 3 – Tunnel Wrap Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Lines
    • Brackett Automatic High Speed Padding Line
    • 2 – 5 head High Speed Paper Drills
    • Various banding and packaging devises for any specialized kitting or pack-out needs

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  • Inkjet Mailing
    • 1 – MCS Eagle FlexPrint inkjet mail line, w/3 way wafer seal
    • 2 – Kirk-Rudy inkjet mail lines, w/3 way wafer seal
    • Domino In-line Solvent Inkjet Addressing on Stitching line
  • Inserting

    • MCS/Pitney Bowes FlowMaster Insertor, 6 stations
    • MCS Perfect Match Camera System
    • Postmatic stamp affixing
  • Mail List Data Processing
    • CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certification—DPV/Data Cleansing
    • NCOA—Lacs Link Conversion—DSF2
    • E-Induction and logistical support
    • Mail Anywhere
    • Address Standardization, Address Line Swapping, DPV (Delivery Point Validation).
    • Presorting First Class, Standard, Periodical, Bound Printed Material (BPM)
    • List Management, Duplication Removal, Merge/Purge, Field Parsing, Gender Identification, Record Filtering, Record Modification, (per coustomer request).
    • File Conversion from the following formats: MS Excel or Access, Delimited, dBase/FoxPro, Fixed Length Fields (CR/LF), Borland Paradox, Label

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  • 53’ Tractor Trailer
  • 2 – 26’ Straight Trucks
  • 5 – Cargo Vans
  • Fully automated UPS/FedEx Services
  • All common carriers for LTL
  • Express couriers for same day express shipments
  • International Shipping