LED UV Printing Gives You Added Value – without Added Cost

Here’s why graphic arts pros prefer LED UV printing:

  • Enhanced color on all surfaces
  • Affordable special effects
  • Great paper options
  • Eco-friendly “Green Power”
  • Quick turnaround

We’re Using Wind Power to Save the Environment

Energy Independence…Environmental Action!
Wind turbines, unlike most electricity-generating sources, do not consume water. The “fuel” for wind energy is free, and it helps reduce America’s need to import foreign oil.


Two Thirds of All Paper is Recycled!

Fortunately for our environment, paper is one of the most recyclable materials. Your message really lasts on paper. Email and web ads disappear quickly, but a printed message on paper has a much longer life. It may be viewed time after time. …usually by more than one person.


Innovations in Signage

Bigger, Brighter, Bolder
From music festivals to museums to grand opening events, our advanced wide-format services show the advantages, versatility and scope of digital print.


How to Plan a More Powerful Direct Mail Campaign

Working on your first – or a new – direct mail marketing campaign? Knepper Press will help you save time, costs and headaches.


Postage savings…making the most of your marketing money

Postage cost is usually the biggest single expense in a direct mail campaign. While you don’t need to be an expert on direct mail, your mail service provider should be. At Knepper Press we offer professional help in these four critical areas:

  • Mail piece design
  • Mail list management
  • Presorting
  • Mail induction

Time-lapse Video of the Construction of Our Fulfillment Center

Animated gif time-lapse of fulfillment center being built

See the full 2 minute time-lapse video of our fulfullment warehouse being built and stocked.


89-Year-Old Sales Rep Charles Henry Featured in Printing Impressions Magazine

Printing Impressions Magazine featured our 89 year-old sales rep, Charles Henry, in a recent article.


Carnegie International Art Show Features Knepper Press Recycled Plates

Knepper Press supplied recycled printing plates which have been used to create artwork that will be prominently displayed at  the  entrance to the 57th Carnegie International, a prestigious art show opening in October, 2018.


Green Printing Check List

How can you be sure that the printing supplier you work with is truly dedicated to good stewardship of the Earth? Some printing companies are really dedicated to “green” business practices while others may be simply using “green” terminology. Working with a “green” printing supplier can be a smart business move in addition to making our Earth safer for you and your children. The display of the logos of leading environmental organizations on your printed communications can resonate powerfully with your clients. These symbols communicate ethical character to today’s buyers, who will tend to favor companies whose concerns match their ideals.