Carnegie International Art Show Features Knepper Press Recycled Plates

Photo Credit: Andrew Rush/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Knepper Press supplied recycled printing plates which have been used to create artwork which will be prominently displayed at the entrance to the 57th Carnegie International, a prestigious art show opening in October, 2018.

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer, Marylynne Pitz, “Still untitled, the 30-foot-high, 160-foot-long artwork is the vision of El Anatsui, an internationally known artist who visited Pittsburgh for a week in May.”

Ms. Pitz continues “Mr. Anatsui, who was born in Ghana and is based in Nigeria, creates signature works made from cigar wrappers, liquor bottle caps and other repurposed items. His Pittsburgh work will consist of colorful printing plates that were used and then salvaged by Knepper Press.”

A mock-up of the installation is shown above. The final artwork will span the entire entrance to the museum along the Forbes Ave.

“Each of the 20 panels in this site-specific sculpture will be 8 feet wide and weighs between 100 and 150 pounds. About a half-dozen panels will feature reflective aluminum. Diagonal lines will give it depth. The large sculpture is being put together with drills, steel cables, deer fencing, cloth, special tape and zip ties. The total cost of the project is $50,000.”

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