File Transfer Guide

Knepper Press uses the Kodak InSite Prepress Portal as our primary file management and collaboration system. It provides an easy and secure interface to upload and download files, as well as review and approve pages.

The direct web address for file submission is or is available by clicking the File Transfer link on our main website at

To get started with InSite, contact your account representative or call 724-899-4200 to have an account created. A welcome email will be sent to you containing your username and password.

Uploading Files – Basic Uploading
For basic file transfer, we create an “uploads” job in your company’s account. This can be used for all uploads to Knepper Press without having to get deeper into the system. Just let your account representative know so we are ready to work on the files when we get them.

  • Log into InSite and click the job ending with “Uploads”.
  • Click the Upload Files button.
    If you do not see a job called Uploads or another appropriate job to upload files into, you may either create the job yourself (as detailed on the next page) or contact your account representative who can create the job for you.
  • Give the Upload Name a meaningful title, this helps us locate your upload more efficiently.
  • Drag the files you wish to send into the “Drag Your Files Here” drop zone.
    Note: folders cannot be uploaded HTML5, they must be .zipped first.
  • Click the Upload button.

InSite – Job Creation
If you’re a power user and want to be more involved with the process, the InSite system is set up so that you can create jobs to upload files into. Contact your account representative to gain a better understanding of when to use this method.

You may also use the process shown here to create an ‘Uploads’ job if you do not already see one in your account. This will allow you to upload files easily.

  • Log into InSite and click the Create Job button.
  • Give the Job Name: a meaningful title.
  • Click the Create button.
  • Click the Upload Files button and follow the steps outlined in the previous section.

This is just the base of the capabilities provided through the InSite tool. InSite allows you to review and collaborate with Knepper Press on your print job. 
If you are interested in these advanced capabilities, please contact your account representative for further information.

For those users that do not have an InSite account at this time, or are having difficulties uploading to InSite, we provide an even simpler file transfer service through ShareFile. This service is available through this link or thorough our main website and clicking the file transfer link.

  • Fill in the required fields for email, first name and last name and click the Continue to Upload Page button.
  • Drag the files you want to upload to the Drag Files Here drop zone.
    Note: folders cannot be uploaded HTML5, they must be .zipped first.
  • Click the Upload Files button.

If you are unable to use either InSite or ShareFile to transfer files, please contact your Knepper Press account representative for further assistance.

These instructions are also available in a print-ready PDF file by clicking the following link.
20151210_KPC File Upload_R1