Green Printing Check List

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How can you be sure that the printing supplier you work with is truly dedicated to good stewardship of the Earth? Some printing companies are really dedicated to “green” business practices while others may be simply using “green” terminology. Working with a “green” printing supplier can be a smart business move in addition to making our Earth safer for you and your children. The display of the logos of leading environmental organizations on your printed communications can resonate powerfully with your clients. These symbols communicate ethical character to today’s buyers, who will tend to favor companies whose concerns match their ideals.

How does your “green” printer stack up?

1. Is your printer Forest Stewardship Council® certified?

To be certified as an FSC® organization a company must meet a number of rigorous, specific standards. Use of the FSC logo is one of the most basic indicators that a company is a truly “green” organization. It shows compliance with the highest social and environmental standards. FSC certification helps to protect and promote your brand and reputation. Increasingly governments, educational institutions and many others specify FSC certified products.

2. Does your printer use renewable sources of energy?

In Pennsylvania, Knepper Press is the Number One printer user of renewable energy according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 100% of Knepper Press’ electricity is generated by wind power. (Knepper is the 15th largest user in the entire United States). Knepper clients can use the 100% wind power logo on any printed product in addition to the EPA “Green Power Partner” logo.

3. What about recycling?

At Knepper Press, 100% of the materials used in print production are recycled. A sophisticated automated system shreds and bales all paper trims and makeready waste, which are then sold to recycling mills to be made into other paper products such as paper towels, napkins and toilet tissue. All aluminum printing plates are recycled into items like cans and auto parts. All sheet fed inks are eco-friendly, vegetable based with zero solvent content. A computer matching system allows us to create new PMS colors from inks used on previous products. Thus, almost no ink is wasted. All press solvents are distilled, recovered and used over and over again. Finally, wooden pallets when they are broken or unusable, are recycled and become mulch for someone’s garden. Even greenhouse gas skeptics believe in clean air, pure water and blue skies. You should ask what your printer is doing about the environment. In some cases the answer is “Nothing”. In that event, it may be time to check with Knepper Press!